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National Engineering Industries Limited (NEI) organizes 7th Edition of Idea Factory to Inspire and Mobilize Indian Engineering Students

Winning team will get a cash reward of INR 1,50,000. The registrations are open till 15th February

Jaipur, 8th February 2022: National Engineering Industries Ltd. (NEI), part of USD 2.4 billion diversified CK Birla Group is inviting participation for their ongoing 7th edition Idea Factory- the brand’s flagship contest organised for young engineering students. Conducted virtually, the Idea Factory contest aims to inspire and mobilize young minds to innovate out of the box ideas.

Applicants will be able to register for the contest through the official Idea Factory website: till February 15, 2022.

For achieving the winner title and cash rewards, shortlisted applicants will be put through technical and skill-based tests in the form of quizzes, idea pitch submissions, and virtual presentations. Shortlisted teams will be assigned mentors from NEI who will guide them to nurture their idea. These teams will be judged by NEI’s leadership team on parameters like innovation, suitability of idea and final presentation. The winning team will be presented with a cash reward of INR 1,50,000, followed by the first runners-up receiving INR 1,00,000/- and the second runners-up getting the cash prize of INR 50,000.

Sharing his views on this event, Rohit Saboo, President & CEO, National Engineering Industries Ltd, said, “We are elated and proud to enter the 7th season of NEI-idea Factory. Through this one-of-a-kind contest, we aim to build a legacy of innovation for young disruptive Indian talent. Over the years, we have seen immense talent and creativity shine through our participants. We are confident that this year will be no different.

Recent pandemic has brought uncertainty across various realms of life. New normal demands digital and technological shift for maintaining sustainability in businesses. Over the years technology-led innovations have dominated the business space. We believe the trend will continue, and we will see many submissions and practical usage of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning in solving some of the everyday challenges.”

The competition, launched in the year 2015, strives to identify and train young Indian talent. The 6th Edition of the contest saw participation from over 100 teams from Engineering institutes across the country. Of those who participated, 48 teams were shortlisted, with 11 teams reaching the final round.

About National Engineering Industries Ltd (NEI)
Founded in 1946, National Engineering Industries Ltd (NEI) is India’s leading bearings manufacturer and exporter, renowned for excellence in quality and delivery. Headquartered in Jaipur, NEI is an integral part of the US$ 2.4 bn CK Birla Group. Having started with 30,000 bearings in 19 sizes in 1946, NEI has evolved to manufacture over 200 million bearings each year offered in more than 2300 variants to serve a host of customers across India and 30 other countries across five continents. NEI acquired Kinex bearings in 2020 through its wholly-owned European subsidiary. Leading customers from the US, South Africa, Russia Germany, Brazil, Japan and Australia, etc. have entrusted NEI with their critical product requirements. NEI also serves the Indian aftermarket through a countrywide network of 550 authorized stockists. With an employee strength of over 2,800 and five manufacturing plants in Jaipur, Newai (Rajasthan), Manesar (Haryana) and Vadodara (Gujarat), NEI is equipped with global manufacturing and process technology and is one of the best R&D centres in the country.

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All You Need to Know About Spherical Roller Bearing

Spherical Roller Bearing is designed to handle heavy-duty operations with higher loadbearing capacity and efficiency. This blog talks about various aspects to help you understand better about Spherical Roller Bearing.

The term “spherical roller bearing” refers to a type of rolling element bearing with spherical rollers that operate on the principle of rolling contact without sliding or fretting. The bearing can be used for many applications where radial loading is required. It can be classified as either a single row or double row depending upon whether it has one or two rows of balls between its inner ring and outer ring. These bearings have been widely applied in various industries including automobile, aerospace, wind energy generation, construction equipment, mining, off-road vehicles, marine, automotive transmission and agriculture sectors.

Spherical Roller Bearing - Designed for Heavy Loads

The term “spherical roller bearing” refers to a type of rolling-element bearing with spherical rollers that operate on the principle of rolling contact without sliding or fretting. The bearing can be used for many applications where radial loading is required. It can be classified as either a single row or double row depending upon whether it has one or two rows of balls between its inner ring and outer ring. These bearings have been widely applied in various industries including automobile, aerospace, wind energy generation, construction equipment, mining, off-road vehicles, marine, automotive transmission and agriculture sectors.

Spherical Roller Bearing Is Built For Tolerances

The major purpose of bearings is to prevent friction between the loads and there can be conditions when the bearing has to tolerate the misalignment due to the design and specification of machine operation. It can be bent shaft rotation where the shaft may deflect due to the increase in potential load or operation. In such cases, the spherical roller bearing comes as a savior to solve numerous challenges of manufacturing tolerances. Due to its unique design and efficiency, the spherical roller bearing can work quite well where the ball bearings might not work as optimum.

What are the Different Types Of Spherical Roller Bearing?

There are two types of Spherical Roller Bearing which are as follows:

  • Spherical Roller – These types of bearings have the ability to adapt well to heavy radial loading. As in terms of design, they are barrel-shaped, they can bear possible angular errors and misalignments that can happen in the case of heavy-duty machinery due to higher load. Referring to the practical application, they can tolerate the conditions of misalignment between housing and shaft making it possible to attain parallelism without the scope of errors and breakdown.
  • Spherical Roller Thrust – The Spherical Roller Thrust bearings come with an asymmetrical barrel shape roller that makes it capable to adjust well with a higher load and speed. The main application of this bearing is to maintain the higher capacity of thrust along with continuous alignment. In terms of its manufacturing and design, these bearings also result in a lesser fraction.

What Are The Features and Advantages of Spherical Roller Bearing?

The Spherical Bearings do offer greater benefits to their counterparts such as Ball Bearings whose applications and operating efficiency are limited. Since it is unique in terms of build quality, resistance, and design, the spherical roller bearings are widely used in high-performance and heavy-duty applications.

Here are various features which are as follows:

  • Self-Aligning Feature – Spherical roller bearings have the capability to self-align themselves during operation. The inner race can be adjusted until it is perfectly centred on the outer race. No special tools are required for this process and the bearing itself is designed in such a way as to maintain its state
  • Low Bearing Diameter – Spherical rollers require less bearing diameter than other types of ball bearings. For example, when using an 8 mm bearing, you will only need 4 mm between your inner and outer races.
  • High Load Capacity – Spherical roller bearings are designed to handle higher load capacities than other bearings. They also offer superior performance under adverse operating conditions such as temperature variations or vibration.
  • Continuous Alignment – Spherical roller bearings maintain their alignment throughout the life cycle of the bearing. Unlike tapered roller bearings which must be realigned after each use, spherical roller bearings can continue to operate without any maintenance
  • Extremely Smooth Operation – Spherical roller bearings provide extremely smooth operations due to their unique design. They are designed to deliver utmost efficiency in any kind of machine or equipment to power smooth operation.
  • Easy Maintenance – Spherical roller bearings require little maintenance compared to other types of bearings. You just need to clean out the grease once every six months.
  • Ideal For Heavy Duty Applications – Spherical roller bearings are often used in applications where there is a requirement for heavy-duty operation. These include earthmoving equipment, mining machines, industrial machinery, construction vehicles, marine vessels, wind turbines, and so on.

Understanding Application Of Spherical Roller Bearing

The Spherical Roller Bearings can be used in conditions or machinery where the load you need to carry exceeds the load rating of other types of bearings, such as ball bearings. The outer ring has two rows of rolling elements separated by a radial gap. These rolling elements contact the inner race surface at both ends. Because there is no separate cage or retainer, the rolling elements can move freely within the radial gap. As the spherical roller rotates, they will always be aligned on their axis of rotation; therefore, they do not require any special alignment method.

List of Industries Using Roller Bearing

Roller bearings find widespread use across a variety of industry segments due to their ability to handle heavy loads, high speeds, and diverse operating conditions. Here’s a list of industry segments where roller bearings are commonly employed:

  1. Automotive Industry: Roller bearings are extensively used in automotive applications such as wheel hubs, transmissions, engines, steering systems, and suspension systems.
  2. Industrial Machinery: Roller bearings are crucial components in industrial machinery including machine tools, conveyors, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, printing presses, and textile machinery.
  3. Aerospace Industry: Roller bearings are utilized in aircraft engines, landing gear systems, flight control mechanisms, and various other aerospace applications due to their reliability and performance under extreme conditions.
  4. Construction Equipment: Roller bearings are found in construction equipment like cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and compactors, where they facilitate smooth operation and withstand heavy loads.
  5. Railway Industry: Roller bearings are used in railway applications such as locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, and rail infrastructure components to support wheels, axles, and rotating mechanisms.
  6. Mining and Quarrying: Roller bearings are employed in mining equipment such as crushers, screens, conveyors, and drills, where they endure heavy loads, shock, and vibration.
  7. Power Generation: Roller bearings are used in power generation equipment such as turbines, generators, and wind turbines to support rotating shafts and ensure efficient energy conversion.
  8. Marine Industry: Roller bearings are utilized in marine applications such as ship propulsion systems, steering systems, winches, and deck machinery, where they withstand harsh environmental conditions.
  9. Renewable Energy: Roller bearings are critical components in renewable energy systems like wind turbines and solar trackers, supporting rotor shafts and ensuring smooth operation for optimal energy production.
  10. Steel and Metal Processing: Roller bearings are essential in steel mills, metal processing plants, and forging operations where they support heavy rotating machinery and equipment.

These are just a few examples of the diverse range of industry segments where roller bearings are widely used, highlighting their importance in modern manufacturing, transportation, and infrastructure.


The Spherical Roller Bearing is a great solution for industries that require heavy-duty tolerance and load in terms of bearings. It not only meets the demand for modern mechanized machinery but makes operations efficient and optimal to carry heavy loads.


Bearing Maintenance Training & Tips From The Industry Experts

The bearing maintenance can help in ensuring the long service life which results in optimum performance and prevention from failure. This blog covers various tips from industry experts that can help you do the maintenance of bearing in the right way.
Bearings can be considered an important part of the machinery. If you have ever tried to repair a machine that was not working properly due to worn-out bearings then you know how expensive it is. A broken bearing will always cost more than its replacement, so it is always better to prevent the need for replacements in the first place. This article gives some tips on bearing maintenance training and tips from the Industry Experts.
Why Take Care of Bearing Maintenance
The bearings do carry a huge load and these are small parts that ensure operations within a huge machine. The failure of bearing can become a problematic issue that will result in machine downtime and loss of optimum efficiency. The breakdown of bearings can also cause serious machine or equipment failure.
Bearing Maintenance Training & Tips from The Industry Experts
  1. Inspect Your Bearings Regularly:
    It is essential to inspect your bearings regularly. You must check them at least once every month. Make sure they are clean and free of any debris. If there is dirt or grease around the outer ring, then you should remove it with a rag. You should also make sure that the inner ring is smooth and has no rough spots. If you notice any damage to either the inner or outer ring, then you may need to replace them.

  2. Check All Bearings For Cracks And Leaks:
    When you take apart your machine, check all the bearings. Look at each one carefully, if you see any cracking or leaking, stop using the bearing until you replace it. Don’t just assume that your bearings are fine, even if they seem to be okay.
  3. Check for Loose Parts:
    If you find any loose parts such as nuts, bolts, etc., then you should tighten them up before you start using the equipment. If you don’t do this, then these parts could fall off and cause serious problems.

  4. Grease Replacement:
    If you notice that your bearings are dry, it means that the grease has been completely removed from the bearing. This may indicate that the bearing is damaged. In such cases, you should replace the bearing immediately.

  5. Keep Your Bearings Clean:
    Always keep your bearings clean by removing dirt particles. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust particles which may get stuck between the races. Make sure to use only a soft bristle brush when cleaning your bearings. Never use metal brushes as they can damage the surface of the bearing.

  6. Inspect the Inner Ring of Your Bearing: When inspecting the inner ring of your bearing, look for signs of damage. Excessive wear or damage to the inner ring of the bearing could cause the outer race to become loose or even start spinning freely. In such cases, it would be best to replace the entire bearing assembly.

  7. Replace Old Bearings with New Ones:
    The bearings are prone to wear out over time. If your bearing has been used for a long time, chances are it needs replacing.

  8. Prevent Bearings from Corrosion:
    The corrosion can impact longevity in the life of bearings as it impacts the operational efficiency and may also result in machinery breakdown. The only solution to tackle this is to use genuine stainless-steel bearings that can withstand corrosion.
  9. Monitoring Bearing Performance:
    The excessive noise or vibration in the bearing can be a sign of a serious problem that can lead to bearing damage.

  10. Align Machine in Right Way:
    The assembling misalignment can be another reason which can cause failure or breakdown of bearing. The right advice is to always check for proper housing and assembling of bearings to prevent such failures.
The bearing maintenance is an integral thing to ensure that bearings don’t break down before the specified time or life. Since replacement of bearings can cost huge, it becomes important to keep a track of maintenance in the right manner. It is always advisable to follow recommended practices of maintenance to ensure the bearing works right in the optimum way

Keeping The Railways Industry On Track – NBC Bearings

The NBC has been a major contributor to manufacturing Rail Bearing keeping the Railway Industry on Track by meeting varied requirements since 1952.

NBC is considered as a leading player in the bearing manufacturing industry offering support to varied other industries across automobile, railways, aviation, etc. Since bearing plays a huge role in the mechanism for powering machinery, it needs to be the best in terms of reliability, longevity and performance. NBC has already gained several years of great expertise in the manufacturing of rail bearing which made it contribute significantly to India’s one of the greatest sectors i.e. Railways. In this blog, we will talk about how NBC has achieved excellence by being a support system for Indian Railways.

NBC and Indian Railways – Supporting Operation through Innovation

NBC has been working on manufacturing rail bearing for Indian Railways since 1952. As a mark of professional expertise and mechanics, the NBC Bearings, the leading bearing manufacturing company in India has developed and designed various types of railway bearings for locomotives, meter gauge coaches and wagons. Meeting the continuous requirements to support the wide range of rail networks is one of the constant efforts that have contributed to growth and innovation.

Indian Railways – How NBC Powering the Lifeline of Country

The Railways are no doubt a lifeline of our country as it covers thousands of miles offering convenience to people who want to travel from one place to another for various purposes. From a local train to diesel engine locomotives for Indian Railways, millions of rail bearings are manufactured and are in service currently in trains. Since it covers longer journeys and varied milestones, it is definite that expertise, experience and precision are required to enable the safe and efficient operation of numerous trains, engines, railway systems, etc.

Manufacturing Railway Axle Boxes – A Crucial Machinery System

Railway Axle Boxes are a crucial part of a railway vehicle that houses axles. They also act as supports for the wheels and suspension system making them essential for powering machinery systems. The box contains various parts that help keep the axle aligned and prevent it from turning. It also keeps the wheel on its axis by holding them firmly against each other with a bearing or bushings allowing rotation. The NBC has manufactured railway axle boxes and axles for popular locomotive trains like Rajdhani, Egyptian Railway wagons, Diesel Locomotives, etc.

Axle Box Bearings Designed by NBC

The Axle Box Bearings are quite intensive and have high load-bearing which makes them safe and durable for use in railway locomotives. These railway bearings are manufactured with steel as they can have better capability to withstand pressure, speed and load. Since modern railways are progressing towards advanced mechanisms due to the requirement of high speed and increased safety measures, the NBC has adapted itself well in terms of research and development of bearings specially designed to meet the requirements well.


The Indian Railways is quite intensive and has wide operations in covering the length and breadth of the country being the largest rail Network in the world. From specific developments in machinery to upgrades in technology, the railways are keeping up with the modern requirements and needs through NBC’s support of manufacturing varied types of bearings. As rail bearing always remains the crucial part of the machinery, the role of perfect design and development cannot be neglected in any case to power such a huge railway system.


How NBC has achieved Sustainable Manufacturing of Bearings?

NBC has been meeting the demands of the bearing industry since 1946. Being one of the leading organisations in the bearing manufacturing space, it is focusing on Sustainable Manufacturing Practices to ensure steps towards environmentally friendly measures.

The requirements of the modern world are changing at a rapid pace, influencing organisations to achieve sustainable manufacturing practices enabling environment-friendly ways of meeting the growing demands. NBC being one of the leading players in the Bearing Manufacturing space has taken a similar approach to enable greener and cleaner practices for the manufacturing of bearings serving a wide range of industries across Railways to the Automobile sector. While the practices of sustainable development are adapted widely around the globe, it has also inspired NBC to work towards the efforts for environmentally friendly practices.

Sustainable Bearing Manufacturing can be seen as the need of today’s world to ensure that manufacturing processes and practices don’t harm the environment. These practices may involve tactics to save energy, environment and natural resources.

NBC - Leading the Path to Sustainable Bearings Manufacturing

Bearings are a crucial part of technology and innovation powering a wide range of mechanical systems and machinery. As the world is moving towards technological advancements and shifting the lens of traditional approaches to whole new perspectives, it is crucial for organisations like NBC to step up in the dynamism for energy-friendly initiatives. Here are various points to reflect some of the steps taken by NBC ensuring efforts related to sustainability measures:

How Sustainability is Ensured in Manufacturing of Bearings

The Manufacturing of bearings has to go through varied processes. Right from setup of plant to using raw materials and machinery, the role of sustainability starts right at the stage of plant setup. While planning and designing a manufacturing plant for such a huge industry, various crucial aspects related to environmental sustainability are taken into account. To name a few, these are Water Management systems, Energy Management systems, Waste Management systems, Solar Power Plant, etc. While referring to the production side, it ensures that emissions and carbon footprint remains limited without impacting the environment on a huge scale. These are some of the efforts that ensure Sustainable Manufacturing of Bearings.

Ensuring Environmental Effective Practices in Manufacturing

Sustainability is a long term goal which enables businesses operating in the manufacturing sector to yield best benefits over a period of time. By investing in environmentally friendly practices and enabling green practices within the organisation, NBC ensures sustainability in manufacturing of bearings. Here are some of the initiatives taken by NBC fulfilling the goals in order to protect the environment while meeting the needs of business, partners, clients and environment all together.

Tackling Climate Change by Ensuring Lesser Emission of CO2

Climate change is quite a concerning global environmental issue due to the growing emissions of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Since every industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions, NBC is trying every bit as per their capacity to ensure that emission remains regulated and controlled as compared to other players in a similar industry. This is one of the steps that makes NBC competitive in terms of tackling climate change in its various plants.

Utilising Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Plants

Ensuring sustainable environmental practices is our last straw to ensure that we can save the environment without making things worse for our planet earth. Energy Efficiency remains as the prime concept to ensure lesser dependency on fossil fuels enabling a plant with Energy Monitoring System to control the tracking of power consumption and flagging aspects related to predictive maintenance. This is something which ensures that the energy doesn’t get wasted in any way. Through this approach, NBC has also set up dedicated power plants to decrease the dependency on electricity ensuring a cleaner and greener environment.

Digitization As the Driving Force to Reduce Dependency on Papers

Digitization has varied benefits in terms of maintaining the large-scale data of an organisation. Since papers can become a big hassle in terms of environmental costs, NBC has encouraged the use of digital systems across factories to bring down the utilisation of papers in every process and communication.

Meeting Demands of Modern World in a Sustainable Way

NBC is actively responding to the demands of the modern world which is more focused on environmentally friendly practices. With the dedicated Research & Development facility, it is focusing on fostering effective innovative practices to ensure alignment with environmental compliances. The various other initiatives related to sustainable manufacturing are Water Conservation and Use of Reusable Packaging to decrease waste.


The environmental challenges are quite a crucial thing that needs active consideration of industries to solve various problems impacting the environment in enormous ways. NBC has taken all the efforts to keep the needs of changing industry dynamics in mind to ensure consumer satisfaction and demand for quality products. While fostering energy-friendly manufacturing practices, it has aligned itself with the larger goal of achieving sustainable manufacturing of bearings. By serving varied industries ranging from automobiles to railways, it has achieved milestones of the massive industrial revolution while also taking care of the environment in a broad manner.