Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating for Bearings

When it comes to metal surface coating, Tungsten Carbide (WC) is one of the most durable elements which can be used in bearings to offer numerous benefits to both machinery and bearings which are critical for optimal working. To help you know more, This blog covers everything about Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating for Bearings in detail.   There are a lot of challenges that industries face on day to day basis related to machinery such as overhauling, wear and tear, abrasions, breakdowns, etc. Since machinery has to be operated in an optimum manner to deliver expected results, the bearings should be capable to withstand challenges without any interruptions to ensure optimum performance. To offer extra protection to bearings and increase their service life to work under harsh mechanical environments, NEI provides Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating (WC/C) on Large Dia Bearings (LDB).  

Understanding Frequent Problems in Industrial Machinery Applications

Machinery applications are often subject to a variety of problems, some of which are more frequent than others. Understanding the root cause of these problems can help to avoid them in the future:  
  • Paper Industry: Calandar Machine

The Calandar Machine in the paper industry may face challenges in very wide load range and zero load situations. It can create problems like micro welding, sliding, and smearing damage.
  • Hydraulic Applications: Pumps and Motors

The pumps and motors may face challenges such as low viscosity lubrication which can create problems like wear-tear and friction.
  • Power Plant: Coal Pulveriser

Coal pulverizers in power plants may face challenges due to contamination and vibration with low-viscosity lubrication. It can create problems like abrasions, Micropitting, smearing, etc.  

Solutions: How Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating Solve Challenges

WC/C Coating on rolling elements helps in withstanding wear and tear and other critical issues due to the nature of composition which is harder than metal-containing amorphous carbon coating. Here are some of the salient features of Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating for bearings:  
    1. Thin Coating: Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating features a very thin coating of 1-2 ?m.
    2. High Adhesion Strength: Adhesive strength is important because it allows bonding with surfaces securely which makes the bearing work as usual without resulting in breakdown due to angular misalignments.
  • High Hardness: It helps in better surface contact between the components and increase the service life of bearings without wear and tear thus helping machinery components to work well.

Technical Aspects of Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating

The Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating offers improved bearing performance in terms of wear resistance under extreme working conditions. This is possible due to the hard coating on the rolling element which polishes the racing surface whereas the carbon layer offers lubrication for smooth performance. It promotes low friction and eliminates problems related to smearing and wear and tear which increases service life.  

Why Tungsten Carbide is a Reliable Material for Bearings Coating

Tungsten Carbide is an extremely hard ceramic material that comes in the form of grey fine powder particles. This material is known for its high resistance to wear, abrasion, and scratching, making it an ideal shield against surface damage from attacks like corrosion, erosion, and fatigue. Ceramic materials like WC are also very stable due to their higher melting point. In terms of offering a shield to bearings, the Tungsten Carbide Coating can be very powerful and useful.  

Benefits Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating Offers to Bearings

There are many benefits that tungsten carbide carbon coating offers to bearings. This coating is extremely hard and wear-resistant, making it ideal for applications where bearings are subject to high levels of wear and tear. The coating also has excellent corrosion resistance properties, making it ideal for use in harsh environments. Additionally, the coating is very smooth, providing low friction and excellent sliding properties.

How Roller Bearings Are Different From Ball Bearings

  There are slight differences between Roller Bearings and Ball Bearings which makes it different to be used in varied applications. Want to know more? Read this blog to know about how roller bearings are different from ball bearings. While Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings are different types of bearings available in the bearings market they serve the purpose of working in different applications. They may have a similar function to perform in terms of offering smooth rotation and reducing the friction to support machinery but they are also differently designed to adapt in different situations. In aspects of the design also they might look similar but in literal terms, they have some distinctions which make them different.

What is Roller Bearing and Ball Bearing?

In mechanical aspects, the bearings are designed to bear loads which makes them capable to support the functioning of machinery in varied ways. They are both particularly designed to carry loads while reducing the friction between the points of contact. In terms of design, the ball bearing is a spherical unit while the roller bearing is a cylindrical unit.

Why are Bearings Used?

Metal to metal contact is next to possible as it can degrade the metal and result in wear and tear. In such cases, the role of bearing comes to reduce the friction by rolling two different surfaces over one another which are handled by rollers or balls. The Bearings are widely used in a number of different applications such as automobiles, machinery, mechanical equipment, railways, aeronautics, etc.  

How Roller Bearings are Different from Ball Bearings?

1. Use of Rolling Element:
In both Roller Bearing and Ball Bearing, there is a rolling element, cage and bearing rigs that consist of a bearing. When the rolling element in the bearing is a spherical ball then it is simply termed as a ball bearing.  
2. Roller Bearings are designed to withstand Heavy Loads:
The Roller Bearings use rollers in the place of balls which makes them capable to be used in radial and axial loads where misalignments are possible. In varied cases, they are used in automobiles like trucks, buses and vehicles.  
3. Distribution of Loads:
In the case of ball bearing, they work to transfer loads from outer raceway to inner raceway while in roller bearing it distributes the load over the large area making it desirable to manage load in a better way as compared to ball bearing. This happens due to line contact which makes it capable of handling resistance and shocks.  
4. Which bearing is better:
Both ball bearings and roller bearings may have different capacities, the roller bearing may be good in terms of shock and high resistance conditions while ball bearings might be good for operability at higher speeds.
The different bearings are designed to be used in different applications and are capable of handling varied loads. While some are designed best to be used in mechanical applications others can be used in components where there is a need of adjusting loads and radial applications i.e. automobiles. It is important to consider different factors while choosing bearings for your purpose.

How NBC has achieved Sustainable Manufacturing of Bearings?

NBC has been meeting the demands of the bearing industry since 1946. Being one of the leading organisations in the bearing manufacturing space, it is focusing on Sustainable Manufacturing Practices to ensure steps towards environmentally friendly measures.

The requirements of the modern world are changing at a rapid pace, influencing organisations to achieve sustainable manufacturing practices enabling environment-friendly ways of meeting the growing demands. NBC being one of the leading players in the Bearing Manufacturing space has taken a similar approach to enable greener and cleaner practices for the manufacturing of bearings serving a wide range of industries across Railways to the Automobile sector. While the practices of sustainable development are adapted widely around the globe, it has also inspired NBC to work towards the efforts for environmentally friendly practices.

Sustainable Bearing Manufacturing can be seen as the need of today’s world to ensure that manufacturing processes and practices don’t harm the environment. These practices may involve tactics to save energy, environment and natural resources.

NBC – Leading the Path to Sustainable Bearings Manufacturing

Bearings are a crucial part of technology and innovation powering a wide range of mechanical systems and machinery. As the world is moving towards technological advancements and shifting the lens of traditional approaches to whole new perspectives, it is crucial for organisations like NBC to step up in the dynamism for energy-friendly initiatives. Here are various points to reflect some of the steps taken by NBC ensuring efforts related to sustainability measures:

How Sustainability is Ensured in Manufacturing of Bearings

The Manufacturing of bearings has to go through varied processes. Right from setup of plant to using raw materials and machinery, the role of sustainability starts right at the stage of plant setup. While planning and designing a manufacturing plant for such a huge industry, various crucial aspects related to environmental sustainability are taken into account. To name a few, these are Water Management systems, Energy Management systems, Waste Management systems, Solar Power Plant, etc. While referring to the production side, it ensures that emissions and carbon footprint remains limited without impacting the environment on a huge scale. These are some of the efforts that ensure Sustainable Manufacturing of Bearings.

Ensuring Environmental Effective Practices in Manufacturing

Sustainability is a long term goal which enables businesses operating in the manufacturing sector to yield best benefits over a period of time. By investing in environmentally friendly practices and enabling green practices within the organisation, NBC ensures sustainability in manufacturing of bearings. Here are some of the initiatives taken by NBC fulfilling the goals in order to protect the environment while meeting the needs of business, partners, clients and environment all together.

Tackling Climate Change by Ensuring Lesser Emission of CO2

Climate change is quite a concerning global environmental issue due to the growing emissions of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Since every industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions, NBC is trying every bit as per their capacity to ensure that emission remains regulated and controlled as compared to other players in a similar industry. This is one of the steps that makes NBC competitive in terms of tackling climate change in its various plants.

Utilising Benefits of Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing Plants

Ensuring sustainable environmental practices is our last straw to ensure that we can save the environment without making things worse for our planet earth. Energy Efficiency remains as the prime concept to ensure lesser dependency on fossil fuels enabling a plant with Energy Monitoring System to control the tracking of power consumption and flagging aspects related to predictive maintenance. This is something which ensures that the energy doesn’t get wasted in any way. Through this approach, NBC has also set up dedicated power plants to decrease the dependency on electricity ensuring a cleaner and greener environment.

Digitization As the Driving Force to Reduce Dependency on Papers

Digitization has varied benefits in terms of maintaining the large-scale data of an organisation. Since papers can become a big hassle in terms of environmental costs, NBC has encouraged the use of digital systems across factories to bring down the utilisation of papers in every process and communication.

Meeting Demands of Modern World in a Sustainable Way

NBC is actively responding to the demands of the modern world which is more focused on
environmentally friendly practices. With the dedicated Research & Development facility, it is focusing on fostering effective innovative practices to ensure alignment with environmental compliances. The various other initiatives related to sustainable manufacturing are Water Conservation and Use of Reusable Packaging to decrease waste.


The environmental challenges are quite a crucial thing that needs active consideration of industries to solve various problems impacting the environment in enormous ways. NBC has taken all the efforts to keep the needs of changing industry dynamics in mind to ensure consumer satisfaction and demand for quality products. While fostering energy-friendly manufacturing practices, it has aligned itself with the larger goal of achieving sustainable manufacturing of bearings. By serving varied industries ranging from automobiles to railways, it has achieved milestones of the massive industrial revolution while also taking care of the environment in a broad manner.