State of art metrology lab at NEI is equipped with cutting edge inspection & measurement facilities like Coordinate-measuring machine, roundness measurement machine, surface texture measurement machine and torque measurement machines. These machines are totally dedicated for the new product design & development purpose. All measuring instruments are from reputed international brands. The measurements are conducted in the controlled environment. The lab also performs the inspection of masters and other precision components for production plant on regular basis. NEI metrology lab also performs 100% tear down analysis of randomly selected production bearings on regular basis.
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Sr. No.Instrument nameMachine Range
1CMM x-axis Measuring Length 800 mm
y-axis Measuring Length 900 mm
z-axis Measuring Length 1600 mm
2Roughness & contour measurementx-axis Measuring Length 200 mm
y-axis Measuring Length ±6 mm
C = 510 mm
3Roundness measurementx-axis Measuring Length 210 mm
z-axis Measuring Length 500 mm
Object Weight Capacity 60 kg
4Torque MeasurementStarting Torque rpm range 2 to 5 rpm max
Running Torque rpm range 5 to 6000 rpm max
Torque range 0  ~ 10 Nm
Max axial load 40 kN

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