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self-aligning Ball Bearings

What are Self Aligning Ball Bearings?

Bearings perform a variety of utilities that help to internally optimize the production functions. Which is why major factories and manufacturing industries have a steady demand for bearings.  Self-aligning ball bearings are made for special cases where the shaft and housing of the ball bearings are misaligned, which might be static or dynamic misalignment. The elements of the bearing will ensure low friction while helping the bearings operate at higher speeds for reduced heat generation.

Products Table

Products Principal Dimensions Basic Load Ratings
    Dynamic Static
  d [mm] D [mm] B [mm] C [kn] Co [kn]

Features of Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

  • These bearings can accommodate a unique three-degree misalignment with the help of their self-alignment nature
  • Due to its nature of adjusting misalignment, there is very little scope for friction and heat generated from it.
  • These have small contact angles and so their axial load bearing capacity is lower than angular contact bearings.
  • Both types of misalignment – static and dynamic can be managed by this type of bearing.
  • These are only preferred for radial loads, since the slight contact angle does not encourage axial load on the bearings.
  • When sealed, self-aligning ball bearings are dirt and contamination proof.
  • These are ideal for mass manufacturing industries like mining, food processing, textile industry, etc.

Benefits of Self-Aligning Ball Bearings

  • Long Service life: These deliver high-speed performance, while generating less heat and friction. Hence it tends to run cooler and friction free, thereby extending their service life and ensuring minimal maintenance.
  • Light load performance: These bearings work exceptionally well under low weight bearing applications as compared to other bearings in this category.
  • Low noise: The noise levels are overall much reduced since the rolling elements and the outer ring of the bearing have minimal friction. For this specific reason these bearings are perfect for household fans.
  • Seal: Dirt and other contaminants cannot affect the rolling elements and its lubricants. This extensively contributes to enhancing the bearing’s life cycle, and reducing friction to overall lower maintenance costs and intervals.

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