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Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

What are Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

Deep groove ball bearing is an innovation to further optimize the benefits of the commonly preferred deep groove ball bearings. One of the design variants of deep groove bearings, the double row deep groove ball bearing is designed to meet the specific requirements of the heavy machinery and devices in the manufacturing industries that require precision oriented, long-lasting performance. The evolving engineering and manufacturing techniques have created a growing demand for deep groove ball bearings, ensuring unique & productive solutions across industry.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimal Design: These bearings are designed for optimal performance and durability in severe operating conditions. With two sets of ball bearings in double row grooves, it helps increase load bearing capacity and radial stiffness of machines. 
  • Durability: Double row deep groove ball bearings are not just for heavy operations but highly durable with long life expectancy. High quality materials and robust design leads to reduced wear and tear, adding years to the usability of the bearings. Due to such low replacement costs, these bearings are the ultimate choice. 
  • Versatility: Double row variants of deep groove ball bearings are also endowed with versatility in applications across the manufacturing industry, eg: small home appliances, and large industrial equipment. 
  • Enhanced performance: These can work in extreme environments ranging from high-temperature and corrosive environments, as well as cleanroom environments. This is why these are an excellent choice for manufacturers seeking high-performance outputs. 
  • Enhanced Load Capacity: Due to an excess groove, it has potential to handle higher load capacity. Additionally, it has increased radial stiffness, which allows for higher loads without deformation or damage. This feature in turn protects the shaft under heavy loads, reducing damage and longer lifespan.
  • Noise and Vibration Reduction: This feature is highly preferred in manufacturing home appliances, medical equipment, and electronic equipment manufacturing. The design of the bearings absorbs the impact in the process and maintains accurate shaft positioning. Therefore, you get quiet and smooth operations. 

These bearings are applicable in manufacturing precision instruments for appliances, machine tool equipment for manufacturing, conveying equipment for assembly lines, agricultural machinery for farming, textile machinery for spinning machines, industrial equipment requiring heavy load operations, etc.

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