Applications Of Roller Bearing In Heavy Machinery

The roller bearing is used in the mobilization of machinery to reduce friction between moving parts. The different types of roller bearings are used in heavy-duty machinery that supports radial, axial and thrust loads. This blog discusses various applications where roller bearings are used in heavy machinery.  The bearings are made to support complex mechanical systems and their vitality can be observed in their application in a multitude of machinery. Be it automobiles, aeronautics, railways, earthmoving or agriculture, the roller bearings can be used perfectly to match the needs of different heavy-duty applications.  While referring particularly to a roller bearing, they are designed in such a way to support performance in those applications where there are large axial and radial loads. The Roller Bearings consist of the outer ring, inner ring, and a window cage which works as a holder for the rollers.

Design of Roller Bearing – Supporting Heavy Machinery

Roller Bearing helps in support the large radial and axial loads in heavy-duty machinery. This works in one direction to guide the axial loads while complimenting bearings are also used simultaneously to support the load in other directions. These types of bearings can be widely used in those conditions where the temperature may vary between -30 degrees celsius to 120 degrees Celsius.

Applications of Roller Bearings in Heavy Machinery

There can be varied types of Heavy Machinery that might require heavy-duty applications. Here are some of the applications of roller bearings in heavy machinery:
  • Wind Turbine Generators for Energy Generation – Wind Turbine generators are usually installed in high-altitude areas which require a reliable bearing solution that can operate within the high-performance wind turbines in high-speed winds. In such conditions, the tapered roller bearing and spherical roller bearings can be installed in the main shaft of the wind turbine that receives the force and can pass on the rotation to the generator.
  • Use of Roller Bearing in Agriculture Machinery – The agriculture industry also demands heavy-duty machinery as it has to deal with heavy-duty applications on a day-to-day basis. While these applications range in a multitude of high-performance tasks, the bearings must be reliable and long-lasting as they have to be used in heavy dirt and mud conditions which might also impact the bearing life. The roller bearings are one such perfect solution that can be used in varied tasks which might require heavy radial or axial loads and they can get the work done with ease. The common type of bearing used in the agriculture industry is a tapered roller bearing.
  • Construction and Heavy Machinery – The construction industry requires varied earth-moving equipment for a high range of heavy-duty tasks. While there can be varied challenges while dealing with the applications of construction, the bearings are usually exposed to excessive working conditions as machines have to be deployed for high-performance tasks. In order to meet this demand, there is a need for different types of roller bearings such as spherical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, etc. which are designed to deliver the desired performance.
  • Use of Roller Bearings in Railways – The railways are considered one of the most reliable modes of transport worldwide. While there are different systems, trains, and tracks connected over wide networks, heavy-duty machines are used to facilitate day-to-day operations. The bearings in the railway industry are used in traction motors, drive units, wheel axles, etc. While the bearings have to work in extreme conditions of carrying heavy loads and adapting to high vibrations in drive units, varied roller bearings like tapered and spherical roller bearings are also widely used to support the mechanical system. Since the railway network is now moving towards high-speed trains, the roller bearings are also designed especially for double helical gears which can work for a longer duration without the need for lubrication.
  • Use of Spherical Roller Bearings in Marine Propulsion  – Marine propulsion can be referred to as a thrust system that is used to move a boat or a giant ship. While this is also considered in the category of heavy-duty application, the diesel engine of the ship is linked to the propeller which facilitates the movement through a complex system. Here, roller bearings can be used within the shaft or different mechanical systems as there can be conditions where the bearing has to adjust to radial or axial load while also complying with the scope of heavy misalignment. These kinds of bearings are designed to handle one-directional axial load and radial load at the same time while allowing shaft misalignment.
Conclusion While heavy-duty applications use bearings within the machinery, the complex working conditions can make bearings tough to work as desired. In such cases, the different types of roller bearings are used to facilitate high-performance working conditions ensuring the reliability and longevity of bearings in multiple ways.

Keeping The Railways Industry On Track – NBC Bearings

The NBC has been a major contributor to manufacturing Rail Bearing keeping the Railway Industry on Track by meeting varied requirements since 1952.

NBC is considered as a leading player in the bearing manufacturing industry offering support to varied other industries across automobile, railways, aviation, etc. Since bearing plays a huge role in the mechanism for powering machinery, it needs to be the best in terms of reliability, longevity and performance. NBC has already gained several years of great expertise in the manufacturing of rail bearing which made it contribute significantly to India’s one of the greatest sectors i.e. Railways. In this blog, we will talk about how NBC has achieved excellence by being a support system for Indian Railways.

NBC and Indian Railways – Supporting Operation through Innovation

NBC has been working on manufacturing rail bearing for Indian Railways since 1952. As a mark of professional expertise and mechanics, the NBC Bearings, the leading bearing manufacturing company in India has developed and designed various types of railway bearings for locomotives, meter gauge coaches and wagons. Meeting the continuous requirements to support the wide range of rail networks is one of the constant efforts that have contributed to growth and innovation.

Indian Railways – How NBC Powering the Lifeline of Country

The Railways are no doubt a lifeline of our country as it covers thousands of miles offering convenience to people who want to travel from one place to another for various purposes. From a local train to diesel engine locomotives for Indian Railways, millions of rail bearings are manufactured and are in service currently in trains. Since it covers longer journeys and varied milestones, it is definite that expertise, experience and precision are required to enable the safe and efficient operation of numerous trains, engines, railway systems, etc.

Manufacturing Railway Axle Boxes – A Crucial Machinery System

Railway Axle Boxes are a crucial part of a railway vehicle that houses axles. They also act as supports for the wheels and suspension system making them essential for powering machinery systems. The box contains various parts that help keep the axle aligned and prevent it from turning. It also keeps the wheel on its axis by holding them firmly against each other with a bearing or bushings allowing rotation. The NBC has manufactured railway axle boxes and axles for popular locomotive trains like Rajdhani, Egyptian Railway wagons, Diesel Locomotives, etc.

Axle Box Bearings Designed by NBC

The Axle Box Bearings are quite intensive and have high load-bearing which makes them safe and durable for use in railway locomotives. These railway bearings are manufactured with steel as they can have better capability to withstand pressure, speed and load. Since modern railways are progressing towards advanced mechanisms due to the requirement of high speed and increased safety measures, the NBC has adapted itself well in terms of research and development of bearings specially designed to meet the requirements well.


The Indian Railways is quite intensive and has wide operations in covering the length and breadth of the country being the largest rail Network in the world. From specific developments in machinery to upgrades in technology, the railways are keeping up with the modern requirements and needs through NBC’s support of manufacturing varied types of bearings. As rail bearing always remains the crucial part of the machinery, the role of perfect design and development cannot be neglected in any case to power such a huge railway system.