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Tungsten Carbide Carbon Coating in LDB

The tungsten carbide carbon coating on bearings is a very beneficial thing and can help various industries in terms of extending bearing life. Read this blog to know more.  Tungsten carbide carbon coating is becoming popular because of its efficiency at low cost and its increased use in bearings. Tungsten carbide is usually in a form of a greyish-colored fine powder and turns into a carbide coating for bearings when mixed with small portions of different metallic powders (cobalt, chrome, and/or nickel) according to the use. The TCC is a very hard, wear-resistant coating that can be applied to almost any type of bearing. It also has a low coefficient of friction, which means that it can handle high loads without slipping. Being very durable in nature, it has the capability to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments.

Current Industrial Challenges of Bearings

There are several industrial challenges that frequently occur in various applications and the bearings should be able to take the heat for the finest performance. Here are some of the current industrial challenges of bearings:
  1. Paper industry (calender machine): It has a very wide load range and zero load situations. It can create problems such as sliding, smearing damage, and micro-welding.
  2. Hydraulic application (pumps and motors): The motors and pumps may have varied challenges such as low viscosity lubrication which can result in conditions like wear-tear and friction. Without the proper coatings on bearings, the durability also diminishes. 
  3. Power plant (coal pulverizer): Coal pulverizers in power plants may face challenges due to contamination and vibration with low-viscosity lubrication. In different levels of production where coal is required, problems like abrasions, micro pitting, smearing, etc. can happen under these circumstances. 

Solution – Tungsten carbide carbon coating in Bearings

The challenges of bearings in a high-performing environment in the paper industry, hydraulic applications, power plants, etc. can be resolved using the tungsten carbide carbon coating to prevent wear and tear, abrasions, smearing, etc. Here are some of its features that make it ideal for the use of coating bearings:
  1. Increased resistance to wear and tear – The coating can help to protect the bearings from wear and tear, which can extend their lifespan.
  2. Reduced friction – The coating can help to reduce friction between the bearings and the surrounding components, which can improve performance.
  3. Protection against corrosion – The coating can help to protect the bearings from corrosion, which can also help to extend their lifespan.

Characteristics of Tungsten Carbide Coatings in Bearings

Here are some of the characteristics of tungsten carbide coatings in bearings:
  • Very thin coating: it has a very thin coating of 1-2 um. It helps in low friction and has great sliding properties. Even with the thin coating, its high melting point resists wearing effectively.
  • High adhesion strength (HF1 to HF2 grade): Tungsten carbide coatings applied with high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) lead to stronger adhesion, corrosion resistance, and low porosity, which helps the bearings work very smoothly.
  • High hardness (1000-1500 HV): When tungsten carbide coating and detonation gun (d-gun) are applied together, there is a strong bond created, resulting in hardness, no wear-tear, and protection from erosion, which makes bearings more durable.
  • Lubrication: Hard coating on rolling elements polishes the race’s surface and the carbon layer provides lubrication for the traction-improving devices. This is the reason it is used in horseshoeing. Carbon-tipped hoof nails are also used to mount the shoes. 
  • Increased Life for Bearing: In thin oil or contaminated oil condition, the bearing life can be increased 3x as compared to the normal bearing.
Conclusion If you are looking for a way to improve the performance and lifespan of your bearings, then consider applying a tungsten carbide carbon coating. It is a very reliable solution offering low friction and eliminating smearing and other wear-tearing-related problems.

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