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Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings

What are Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearings?

A full complement cylindrical roller bearing is a further enhanced variant of the cylindrical roller bearing which incorporates as many multiple rollers as possible, but these are not equipped with a cage like the other row variants with multiple rollers. These variants are categorised under radial roller bearings. 

There are solid outer rings, inner rings and rolling element sets that are assembled to form this bearing. Since the design does not accommodate a cage, the bearing can fit in the maximum possible number of rolling elements. Each of these rollers need to have a slight lateral curvature towards the ends. These profiled ends lower damaging edge stress that can occur between the raceways and rolling elements. 

Features of Full Complement CRB

These cylindrical roller bearings are also categorized under radial roller bearings. Their primary features are: 

  • Ability to handle particularly high radial loads and high axial loads from one direction
  • The bearing surface has very high rigidity which helps enhance productivity
  • Axial displacements of the raceway shaft are easily managed without adding stress on the bearings
  • Very high radial loads can be accommodated without speeding which is the case for other cylindrical roller bearings with cage
  • Compact and space-saving designs are easily mountable

Advantages of Full Complement CRB

  • Since this design does not include a cage, we can incorporate a maximum number of rollers. 
  • More rollers translate to increased radial stiffness, which is ideal for very heavy radial load bearing applications.
  • The separable components help mounting and dismounting, with low maintenance & inspections.
  • Carrying capacity of bearings is high ensuring favourable load distribution and higher fatigue limit load.
  • Generates less heat, consumes less lubricants, therefore ensures longevity of bearings. 

Applications of Full Complement CRB

  • Highly efficient for heavy industries like steel and tin where the metals are rolled into workable sheets
  • Effective for gearbox engineering that is a vital component for the power transmission industry as well as gearbox for wind turbines.
  • Also suited for construction machinery.

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