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Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

What are Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings?

Deep groove ball bearings are commonly preferred due to their superior performance, versatility, and longevity of use. One of the design variants for this is a single row deep groove ball bearing. This comes with the design of a single row groove which holds the balls in the bearing. The design is customizable to customer needs and affordable, making this a popular choice for many manufacturers. The design makes it ideal for a range of applications such as motors, pumps, tractors, agricultural motors, and generators.

Features of Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • Low Friction: The highlight of deep groove ball bearing, single row variants are engineered for low coefficient of friction that lowers the heat generation of the machinery. 
  • Enhanced lifespan: Lower friction translates to increased lifespan of bearings and low maintenance costs.
  • Superior Precision: Single-row groove is ideal for precision techniques that demand consistent performances with high accuracy and reduced risk of downtime. 
  • Noise minimized: Designed for low noise threshold, this is a perfect fit for applications where noise cancellation is a primary metric for performance, e.g.: electric motors. 
  • High endurance: Single row deep groove ball bearings use durable and high-quality materials that do not require frequent replacements.

Benefits of Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings

By now it is well established that single row deep groove ball bearings can ensure lasting benefits. Here are some of the major benefits of this variant:

  • Versatile Usage: These come in a wide variety of sizes and are customizable to a customer’s needs. Hence it is ideally suited for electric motors, pumps or generators.
  • Low Maintenance: Due to its longevity and low friction properties, these bearings require minimal wear and tear inspection. This leads to an overall reduction of manufacturing overheads, saving money and resources.
  • High Performance: These bearings are designed for high-speed procedures which require consistency and tenacity in extreme heat inducing conditions. This makes the bearings a popular choice for manufacturers seeking high precision and reliability.
  • Cost-Effective: These are affordable and economical, hence ideal as a long-term solution for manufacturers. 

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