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Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

What are Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings?

Just like other tapered roller bearings, these bearings can deal with combined load of radial & axial. However, it operates best for applications with low and medium speed. Four row tapered roller bearings can accommodate radial and axial loads ideally for rolling mill applications. They are used in work rolls and back-up roll applications in rolling mills. The bearings might have a straight bore or a tapered bore.

Features of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

These tapered roller bearing variants are similar in form and feature to other tapered bearings. The distinct features are:

  • Four cup design to enhance multi-direction weight management
  • Self lubricating bearing with optimised raceway support
  • Optimal seal design to prevent overheating and friction
  • Each of these cups have their own strength, so sealed or not, each roller is capable of lasting for longer time

In case of a four row tapered bearing, there are two variants:

TQO (Straight bore four row bearing arrangement)

  • Two double cones with cone spacer, two single cups
  • Two single cups on either side with a double cup in the middle
  • Two cup spacers separating single cup & double cup
  • Spacers have holes for lubrication
  • Cone spacers are hardened to reduce face wear

TQIT (Tapered bore four row bearing arrangement)

  • One double cone with 2 single cone tapered bores matched through all the cones and four single cups with three cup spacers
  • Lubrication holes in 3 cup spacers
  • Faces of single cones and both faces of double cone contact each other

These variants are also provided with a helical groove inside bore and slots on the face of bearings for better lubrication. The preset assemblies ensure that

Advantages of Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

  • Four distinct outer rings ensure optimal load distribution over all rollers.
  • Surface finish on the rollers and raceways create hydrodynamic lubricant film.
  • Improved resistance to wear and tear over time due to use of clean homogeneous steel and unique heat treatment.
  • Improved seal design ensures minimal leakage, friction and frictional heat, thereby positively impacting the environment and maintenance budgets.
  • The bearing components can be used interchangeably. The bearing has a separable mounting, dismounting and inspection.

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