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Sensor Bearing – Everything You Need To Know About

Want to know about sensor bearing and how it is used in place of conventional bearing? Here in this blog, we will look at everything that you need to know about sensor bearings. Sensor bearings are mechatronic bearings that feature a bearing and a sensor housed together. In these bearings, Harem Hall sensors are used to convert signals to electronically readable data. When the bearing rotates, the sensor in the sensor bearing measures the bearing speed and direction which is converted into electronic data to assist in optimized performance and results. NBC has developed the sensor bearing as an alternative standalone sensor to make the bearings smarter and optimized for high-performing applications. Sensors Bearings are a type of bearings integrated with Harem Hall sensors to convert signals from bearings into electronic data. 

Sensor Bearing and Their Function – How it is Different?

Most bearings consist of two parts: the inner race and the outer race. The inner race is the part that the shaft rotates on, while the outer race is the part that the housing or other support structure rotates on. Sensor bearings, however, have an additional third part which is the sensor. The sensor is typically a magnet, and its purpose is to detect the rotation of the inner race. This information can then be used for a variety of purposes, such as monitoring the speed of the shaft or detecting misalignment. Sensor bearings are therefore an important component in a wide range of applications. There are a few different types of sensor bearings, but the most common is the magnetic encoder. This type of sensor bearing uses a magnet to detect the position of the inner race. Optical encoders are also available, but they are less common. Sensor bearings are typically used in high-precision applications where reliability and accuracy are paramount. They are often used in medical devices, robotics, and aerospace applications.

What Are Sensor Bearings Used for?

Sensor bearings are used for numerous measurements like measuring the number of revolutions, speed measurement, direction of rotation, relative position or counting acceleration or deceleration, temperature, power/power shift, load, displacement, etc. NBC sensor bearings are designed to measure the speed and direction of rotation.

Market Trend of Sensor Bearing

The Asia Pacific is a growing market for Sensor bearings as the market is surging high with the huge demand for applications in two-wheelers and motors. Since it is a better solution than the conventional bearing options, it can be diversely used to increase performance, controllability, and reliability within mechanical systems.
End-Use Industries for Sensor Bearings
There are a variety of end-use industries for sensor bearings, including automotive, aerospace, and industrial applications. In the automotive industry, sensor bearings are used in a variety of sensors, including engine sensors, transmission sensors, and suspension sensors. In the aerospace industry, sensor bearings are used in aircraft engines and flight control systems. In the industrial sector, sensor bearings are used in a variety of machinery, including pumps, compressors, and turbines. NBC has also developed sensor bearings, especially for the automotive industry, such as Anti-Lock Braking systems in two-wheelers and electronic motors.
The current scenario of the bearing industry is growing at a very fast pace, giving birth to a lot of new and innovative products. These innovative products are in the market to cater to the needs of the consumers in the best and most efficient way possible to ensure mechanical advancements in the modern world. The Sensor Bearings designed by NBC also cater to such diverse needs to deliver optimum solutions.

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