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Cartridge Taper roller bearings with technology from Brenco, USA, have the outstanding property of requiring no field lubrication. They are mainly used in various wagons like BOXN, BCN, BTPN, etc. designed by the Indian Railways. For fitment to these Wagons designed by the RDSO, NBC is the only manufacturer in India to indigenize these bearings under collaboration with BRENCO the largest manufacturer of these bearings in the world. For some special applications, these bearings are also used as Wheel bearings for Locomotives (GM Locomotive).

RANGE: 6-1/2×12 Class `F’,6×11 Class ‘E’ & 5-1/2×10, Class ‘D’ Cartridge Tapered Roller Bearing for Wagons (5.19 Inch Bore to 9.96 Inch OD).