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    With more than 150 million units in 1000 sizes produced annually, our responsive design and development innovations ensure superior deliverables to our customers.

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NBC manufactures a wide variety and range of bearings for Automotive, Industrial and Railways applications. NBC’s assortment of bearings includes Large Diameter Special Bearings for the Railways, Steel Mills, Heavy Engineering Industries and Power Generation Plants. The company also manufactures Axle Boxes for Railway Rolling Stock, and other allied, special and next generation products.

Excellence in Quality and Precision Performance are constant hallmarks of all NBC products. Dialogue with the customer and a flexibility of approach combine with responsive design and development innovations to ensure superior delivery.

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A ball bearing is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the moving parts of the bearings - the inner and outer part of the bearings. The purpose of a ball bearing is to reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads. Ball bearings are of simple design, durable in operation and easy to maintain. They are available in single and double row designs and in open and sealed variants. Due to their low frictional torque, they are suitable for high speeds. NBC manufactures a wide range of both metric and inch series deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, self-aligning ball bearings among others, including Thermo Mechanical Bearings (TMB) for longer life and special heat-treated bearings for dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Taper Roller bearings are generally separable, which means the cone assembly, consisting of the inner ring with roller and cage, can be mounted separately from the cup (outer ring). Being separable, mounting becomes easier. The projection lines of all the taper surfaces (Cup, Cone, and Roller) meet at a common point on the bearing axis, called the apex point, ensuring proper rolling motion of the roller on the track surfaces of cone and cup. NBC manufactures Single and Double Row Taper roller bearings in Inch and Metric series.

These bearings are mainly used in Wheels, Transmissions and Axle Centres of Passenger Cars, MUVs, Trucks, Tractors, Earthmovers, etc. where RPM is moderate and combination loads (i.e. simultaneously both axial and radial loads) are prevalent.

The cylindrical roller bearings have greater radial load capacity than ball bearings of same external dimensions and are particularly suitable for arduous duties. The roller bearings feature a modified line contact between rollers and raceways to eliminate edge stressing. These bearings have a high radial load capacity and are suitable for high speeds. Due to detachable design character they have advantage of mounting inner ring and outer ring separately. The direction of axial load which a bearing can take depends upon the geometry of the bearing.

Features of CRB:

  • High radial load carrying capacity
  • High speed capability
  • Accommodate axial displacement
  • Separable design

Spherical roller bearings are self-aligning bearings designed for heavy radial loading. They automatically compensate for large angular errors (shaft misalignments). They are usually of the double row design, both the rows of the rollers having common spherical raceways in the outer ring. This feature of this bearing has great practical importance in those cases where it is difficult to obtain exact parallelism between the shaft and housing both axes. So these bearings are suitable where misalignment can arise from mounting errors or from deflection of the shaft. They have the ability to take static as well as dynamic misalignment. Spherical roller bearings are particularly suitable for carrying heavy loads. They are commonly found in Industrial Gear boxes, Conveyors, Cement Grinding Rolls, Sugarcane crushers and passenger coach axle boxes of Railways.

NBC’s approach has always included dialogue with customers and an understanding of their needs. Solutions have gone beyond standard products and bearings to allied and specially designed and customized responses. Special and allied products are a natural consequence.

This has also led to NBC being one of the very few manufacturers of very large diameter bearings in more than 200 sizes for railroad applications – axle boxes for wagons, traction motors and bearing components for passenger coaches. Large diameter bearings are also produced for steel plants and power generation plants.

Self-aligning Spherical roller bearings are used in Meter Gauge, Broad Gauge and EMU Passenger coach wheel application. These bearings are used with axle box housing and end fittings. Cylindrical roller bearings are also used as Traction Motor armature bearings in Rail Locomotives. They are used in pairs and are both riveted and rivet-less.

NBC is committed to continuously creating relevant, innovative and effective products for its customers, not just through dialogue and responses to specific needs but by understanding and anticipating trends in industries and technology. This is why increasingly NBC customers are working with us as partners in development.

Railway bearings require heavy reliability, safety & durability. Indian railways are world’s largest railway network and NEI is major supplier to Indian Railway. With working over four decades with Indian railways and other leading global railways, NEI has deep understanding of the requirements and has capability to manufacturing complete range of products to meet these requirements

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