Bearing Solutions For The Ceramic Industry

The machinery and equipment used in the ceramic tile industry have evolved with time, requiring high-performance bearings that can cope with the challenges present inside the plant. Therefore, NBC Bearings offers sustainable and comprehensive bearing solutions that can sustain harsh operating conditions.

Features & Benefits

Here are some reasons why bearings offered by us are the best solutions fitting for long term use in the ceramics industry:

  • An extensive range of products suitable for demanding environments.
  • Longevity of service life as it can withstand humidity, dust and high-speed application.
  • Special products are made of advanced materials, special seals, and lubricants.
  • Condition monitoring service to prevent any unplanned stoppage
  • Low maintenance and maximized uptime makes it economical and reliable.

Bearing Applications

The ceramic industry also has a lot of underlying operating challenges which pose a roadblock in smooth processing of the manufacturing process. The most significant challenges are:

  • Low speed due to various reasons
  • Contamination that can lead to major downtime
  • Vibration that is directly related to increased friction
  • Heavy loads which need careful monitoring and maintenance.

For smooth functioning of bearings particularly in the ceramic tiles industry, units must utilize bearings which fulfill the following requirements:

  • Optimized internal geometry for lowered friction and improved precision
  • Seal design to prevent environmental contaminants
  • Special heat treatment to prevent overheating and eliminating downtime to great extent
  • High-load carrying capacity for proper flow
  • High-operational reliability which means low on maintenance

Ceramic Bearing Styles and Sizes

Steel Cage Bearings:

  • Surface hardened and lightweight cage design
  • Suitable for high-speed applications
  • Gives adequate performance for majority of applications

Brass Cage Bearings:

Brass cage bearings can deliver extra durability in extreme operating conditions

  • Better performance in shock load applications
  • Suitable for high centrifugal loading
  • Better performance in reversing application

Features & benefits

  • Two-piece cage design: This allows both rows to run independently, avoiding the risk of roller slippage, smearing and cage damage.
  • Enhanced roller finishing to reduce friction: Enhanced race/roller surface finish results in improved lubrication film, which avoids metal-to-metal contact and lowers bearing operating temperature.
  • Improved and robust cage design: Helps in better roller cage interaction and can accommodate more rollers and longer cage life by providing surface treatment.
  • Central Guide Ring/Flange: The central guide ring/flange provides optimal guidance to the rollers and limits rollers skew thus, avoids unnecessary force on the cage.
  • Maximum and Larger Rollers: This enhances load carrying capacity.
  • Size range: 30-2000 mm OD
  • Variants: Straight bore, Tapered bore (1:12, 1:30)
  • Cage: Brass, Steel
  • Clearances: C2, CN, C3, C4, C5

HCR Wear Resistant Bearings

Wear resistance coating on rolling elements helps avoid metal to metal contact in low film thickness and protects against adhesive and abrasive wear.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimized coating with metal-containing amorphous carbon with a multilamellar structure
  • No columnar structure provides high adhesion strength
  • High dimensional accuracies
  • Low coefficient of friction even in dry condition: Resistant to adhesive wear and micro pitting
  • Enhanced fatigue life in insufficient lubrication condition
  • Debris tolerance: removes dents created in the contaminated application

Oil Impregnated Bearings

Features & Benefits

Oil impregnated bearings composed of 70-80% of lubricating synthetic oil. Oil is moulded and solidified with polymer to form a casing which acts as a lubricant reservoir throughout the bearing’s life.

  • Improved lubrication with consistent lubricant supply
  • Superior lubricant: Synthetic oil
  • Excellent performance in water and dusty environment
  • Environment-friendly molding process
  • Long life and maintenance-free
  • Higher operational reliability
  • No re-lubrication needed
  • No lubricant washout issue

Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings

Features & Benefits

Sealed Spherical Roller bearings are like conventional spherical roller bearing in design and features,however for extra protection of bearing and lubricant from any external agents it has contact seals in the recesses of the outer ring.

  • Effective and high-performance contact seals
  • Different seal materials to suit different operating temperatures
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Excellent protection against water splashes and contamination

Insulated Ball Bearings

Electrical insulation coating prevents electrical pitting in the bearings and improves bearing life in motor & application.


  • Aluminium oxide coating using plasma spraying technology
  • Current insulation
  • High thermal stability


  • Extending bearing service life by avoiding damage caused by electric current flow.
  • Higher operational reliability of electrical machinery

High Temperature Bearings

NBC has developed unique heat treatment solutions for high temperature applications to provide superior dimensional stability for operating temperatures as high as 250°C.


  • Special heat treatment
  • Excellent performance under hot environments


  • Dimensional stability at high temperatures.
  • Enhanced bearing service life at elevated temperatures
Hybrid Ball Bearings

Hybrid bearing also known as anti-friction ball bearing consists of a rolling element made of Silicon nitride in place of steel. Silicon nitride rolling elements perform exceptionally well in high-speed operating conditions.


  • Lower friction
  • Reduced weight
  • Current insulation
  • Higher hardness


  • High speed capability
  • Less wear under slippage
  • Extended bearing service life
  • Higher operational reliability

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Mostly Used Bearings

Spherical Roller Bearing
Single Row TRB
Double Row (TRB)
Cylindrical Roller Bearings
Single row deep groove ball bearings
Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Angular Contact Ball Bearing

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