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Shell type needle roller bearings

What are Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings?

These are a specific type of needle bearings. Needle bearings have a small radial section height and smaller mass which allows for a compact design. Needle bearings are essentially used for operations that apply low inertia force.

Shell type needle roller bearings comprises an outer shell ring made from special thin steel, needle rollers and a cage. A hardened and ground inner ring/ shaft is used as the raceway. It needs no axial clamping. It is easy to install and has a press fit housing mechanism. This makes the bearings applicable wherever shell face abutment with the housing is not possible. The outer ring of the shell bearing is so thin that it gets deformed and takes the shape of the housing in which it is press fitted. Hence the dimensional accuracy of both shell bearing as well as housing is important for bearing performance. 

Features of Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings

Shell type needle roller bearings have a customised and compact design. The main features are:

  • These bearings come with a needle cage and a thin steel plate outer ring.
  • These bearings are useful for low inertia operations.
  • The hardened outer ring, not the housing, is used as a raceway.
  • These are light and easy to install, and need no axial clamping.
  • It is a press fit installation hence convenient where housing is not possible.
  • Easy to maintain with less wear and tear

Advantages of Shell Type Needle Roller Bearings

The advantages and applications of these types of bearings vary according to the design of the bearing. There are primarily two types: open and closed. Open variant has a wide range of applications, whereas, closed variant is suitable where perfect closing of the shaft end is required.

  • These bearings are suitable for very precise and low impact applications.
  • They are designed to be highly reliable for applications and ensure less resource consumption making it fit for the environment.
  • They require minimal maintenance which ensures longevity of bearings.
  • The outer ring takes the shape of the housing, hence it is customised to requirements.
  • Dimensional accuracy of shell bearing and housing improves bearing performance.

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