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Excellence in R&D is driven by providing innovative and effective technology responses to help develop the right products. Our superior innovative design & manufacturing capabilities and product development combined with a flexible approach in addressing market challenges supporting larger nation-wide initiatives like Digitization, Care for the environment, resource conservation, etc.

Main product innovation focus areas based on market drivers are,

  • Bearings for Electric Vehicle with high speed, low friction, and low noise feature to fulfill the EV customer’s expectations.
  • Smart Bearing solutions with sensors
  • Reliability Improvement solutions, with an improved service life of current and new products
  • Fuel efficiency solutions provide fuel-saving and help in meeting Emission Regulations at the customer end

Partnering with Customers & Suppliers for Technology development, Business Growth and Sustainability through Partnership Projects. NBC Bearings engage with customer to arrive at bearing specification very early stages through sourcing team with key steps such as-
  • Develop networking with key stakeholders at multiple verticals
  • Online sessions & Discussion with customer teams- Technology days, workshops, etc
  • Problem solving project with customers
  • Early engagement with customers – Partnership project initiation Scheduled meeting with customer at multiple levels with NBC leaderships
  • Weekly meetings with customers based on project needs

New Product Development

In an era of shorter product lifecycle and looking into the aggression of customers to launch new and advanced products to sustain the competitive global market, we at NBC Bearings are continually working hand in hand with our customers to develop products at a faster pace and increasing the no. of products developed in a year in arithmetic progression.
To sustain customer aggression, we are not only continuously updating our product development infrastructure but also updating system infrastructure, with an eye towards Industry 4.0.
Our above customer centric approach is continuously increasing confidence of our customers as a dependable and sustainable supplier.

Patents and Publications

In NBC R&D the aim is clear – to ensure technology leadership remains sustainable and effective solutions are found for customer’s needs. The team uses established stage gate processes and works on advanced equipment, sophisticated machinery and state-of-the art software packages, in specialized areas. Every year R&D division has been receiving average of 7 patents – a clear indication of fast-growing innovation and self-reliance on its own independent research capabilities.
Tribometer & Profilometer
SEM/ EDS (Scanning Electron Microscope with EDS)
Roundness Checking Machine
Ball Bearing Test Rigs
Transmission Test Rig

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