Other Operational Trainings

Other Operational Trainings

After we have understood the technical aspects, the operational and application based impact will also require attention. For this the following topics will help you get a larger view of the business and will address the specific industrial training needs:

  • Industries and applications | Mode: Offline
    From an industry perspective, NEI training courses focus on enhancing the efficiency of plant machinery and equipment assets, which are integral to the production process in your business. Your employees will have the opportunity to learn from our experienced instructors, as they impart their knowledge on ‘best in class’ reliability maintenance practices.
  • Vibration Basics | Mode: Offline
    When working with bearings, understanding the impact of vibrations plays a vital role in optimising productivity. This module will first make you understand the basics of vibrations and its impact on operations. Further, the fundamental principles of vibrations will help understand how to optimise operation of single and double degrees of freedom systems. This will ensure a solid platform to understand and apply the effects of vibration into simple mechanical problems.
  • Thermography Basics | Mode: Online
    Heat plays a prominent role in managing bearings. This customised online module will explain the theory, hardware and applications of infrared thermography. Thermography has an effective impact on quality assurance, condition monitoring, and non-destructive testing of materials, etc.
  • Lubrication Management | Mode: Offline
    This course curriculum will provide basic training in all things related to lubricants and bearings. This includes industrial lubricants, lubricants and oil sample taking machinery. Clarity of maintenance and utility of bearings will always help further optimise operational productivity.
  • Bearing damage classification | Mode: Offline
    Bearings require intensive quality controls to ensure that the operations are not faced with any undue bottlenecks. The course aims to appraise you with the background and methodology necessary for analysing failed and damaged bearings (due to various reasons like noise, heat, vibration, etc.) and their components. Participants will learn to uncover the root cause of damage and failures, and work towards improving the service life of bearings.
  • Bearing mounting and dismounting | Mode: Offline
    This course provides an introduction to rolling element bearings, how to mount and dismount different types of bearings, maintenance of bearings and an introduction to analysis of defects. 

Using a combination of hands-on training, audio-visuals, lectures and discussion opportunities, this course delivers critical information on installing and maintaining rolling element bearings in rotating machinery.

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    Product knowledge

    Bearing Basics

    Technical knowledge and expertise about bearings and their technology, components, types & nomenclature, drawing, bearing loads, seals, lubrication, fatigue, bearing life, and application.


    Angular Contact Ball Bearing

    focus on features and benefits of single-row and double-row angular contact ball bearings. The arrangement of universally matchable angular contact ball bearings is also discussed. Four-point contact ball bearings are also considered.

    Tapered Roller Bearing

    This course describes the construction and features of the NBC range of tapered roller bearings. Typical applications for these bearings are discussed, and the user will be able to identify an NBC tapered roller bearing by its designation.


    Deep Groove Ball Bearing

    This course will cover the designation and NBC product range. In addition, you will also learn about the bearing applications, failure, mounting, and dismounting methods.


    In this course, you will learn about the science behind the usage of lubricants and their role in bearing. Furthermore, features and benefits of NEI standard bearing greases will be outlined, and you will learn about the know-how of selecting the grease for a specific application. 


    Cage, Seal, And Shield

     In this course, you will learn about the cage, seal design and construction, material, and selection criteria.

    Condition Based Monitoring

    Vibration Basics

    Introduction to Basic Vibrations starts with the fundamental principle of vibrations with a single and double degree of freedom systems. These fundamental vibration systems provide a solid platform to understand general vibrations and apply or use them in simple mechanical problems.


    Thermography Basics

    This online class covers the theory, equipment, and applications of infrared thermography in condition monitoring, quality assurance, building envelope, and nondestructive testing of materials fields.

    Lubrication Management

    A course providing basic training in industrial lubricants and oil sample-taking machinery.

    Industrial Applications of Bearings

    Proactive Maintenance


    Bearing Mounting and Dismounting

    This course introduces rolling element bearings, ways of mounting and dismounting different types of bearings, their maintenance, and analysis of defects. With hands-on training, audio-visuals, lectures, and discussion opportunities, this course delivers critical information on installing and maintaining rolling element bearings in rotating machinery.

    Bearing Damage Classification

    The course objective is to provide background and methodology for analyzing failed and damaged bearings (due to noise, heat, vibration, etc.) and their components. You will understand the root causes of bearing damage, failures, and reason that can reduce the service life.


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