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NBC is committed to continuously creating relevant, innovative and effective products for its customers, not just through dialogue and responses to specific needs but by understanding and anticipating trends in industries and technology. This is why increasingly NBC customers are working with us as partners in development.


NBC has partnered with ConMet of USA to manufacture Pre-Set Hub assemblies for Heavy commercial vehicle applications. Preset hubs utilize pre-adjusted bearings to facilitate proper installation, extend seal and bearing life and ease maintenance. Almost 90% of the heavy trucks in North America use the preset hub technology. A preset hub is a pre-adjusted but serviceable assembly. The individual components of a preset Hub (Seals or bearings) can be replaced as needed. The product offers the right balance between cost, performance & weight for different applications. This technology offers major benefits such as:

  • Reduced assembly labor

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Elimination of failures due to bad bearing adjustments

  • Minimizes risk of assembly damage or incorrect assembly of seals

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Low Torque Bearings

One of the critical areas related to automobiles today is the conservation of natural resources. In a vehicle, only about 12.6 % of energy is used for moving the vehicle whereas 62% is lost to engine friction, engine-pumping losses and to waste heat, 17% is lost in idling, 2% lost in accessories operation and 5.6% lost in the drive train due to friction and slippage.

By understanding the various torque contributors to the bearing such as grease, seal and internal bearing geometry, NBC has developed the low torque bearing technology. The low torque grease has been developed by various fundamentals on tribo-meter along with design of low torque seal and optimization of internal geometry to improve fuel efficiency. Low torque bearings reduce friction by 15-20% and improve fuel efficiency.

NBC has engineered fuel efficient bearing for transmission and wheel bearing application of two wheeler segments. These bearings have also been developed for other automotive segments (cars, trucks, tractors, etc.) Various other programs are underway as well and NBC is working towards extending the technology to other areas.