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Manufacturing Excellence

At the heart of NEI’s prowess lies it’s 4 world class manufacturing plants. The plants boast of world-class manufacturing and process technology. These plants are located at Jaipur (Rajasthan), Newai (Rajasthan), Manesar (Delhi NCR) and Vadodara (Gujarat).

International technical collaborations on critical machines & equipment and complete automation by flex-link conveyor systems contribute to an advanced, precise and highly productive manufacturing environment. Efficient and optimum use of space and best practices in every function and process sharpen the professional setting.

At these plants, accuracy, high productivity and reduced cycle time are strictly maintained at all times. Employing Poka-Yoke – the Japanese approach to mistake proofing entire processes – ensures error free operations. NEI practices are based on Kaizen and continuous improvement and the outcome is visible across the organization – from the shop floor to the boardroom. All NEI plants are automated and systematic, sorted and kept clean, with standardized processes and sustained service. There is a place for everything and everything has its place.

Exterior 01
Jaipur Plant

Total Area: 4,78,900 m2

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Newai (Gunsi) Plant

Total Area: 7,200 m2

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4. DSC_2363-min
Manesar Plant

Total Area: 4,050 m2

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Aqua Star 4G_20160926_143815
Vadodara (Savli) Plant

Total Area: 80,900 m2

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