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National Engineering Industries Ltd.
Khatipura Road Jaipur - 302006
Rajasthan, India

Phone Number

Toll Free: 1800 3000 6222
Telephone: +91 141 222 3221
Fax: +91 141 222 1926, 222 2259
CIN: U29130WB1946PLC013643

Heat Treatment Services

Shaping parts of the future.

Championed by 70 years of experience, NBC is a Grand Deming Quality Prize Winner with a state-of-the-art, CQI9 certified heat treatment services. The company has extensive experience in various heat treatment operations.

The procedures are very diverse in nature. While some might soften the metal, some harden it. The entire process can affect the electrical and heat conductivity of these materials. The entire fundamental decision of choosing the most suitable method is dependent on the type of metal and the required application.

  • 70 + years of experience in heat treatment
  • Internationally (Germany, Japan and the USA) sourced fully automated furnace.
  • Fully equipped ultra-modern metallurgy lab with high-tech facilities such as X-ray diffraction, micro-hardness testing and stress testing.
  • Consistent Quality Control
  • Efficient Handling of Customer Requirements
  • Developing Cost-effective Solutions
  • Dedicated team of trained metallurgists
  • Hardening of high and medium carbon auto components
  • Carbonitriding of high carbon and medium carbon auto components
  • Carburising of low carbon auto components

The ultimate goal is to provide you with the most application-specific and effective service via advanced heat treatment technology.

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