Railway Products

Since 1952, the company has fully met the requirements of the Indian Railways (one of largest systems of the world) by designing and developing axle boxes and bearings for fitment to locomotives manufactured by Diesel Locomotive Works, General Motors Locomotives, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, the ICF broad and meter guage coaches, as well as various wagon builders. Over a million NBC bearings and boxes are in service with Indian Railways. The development of completely Indigenous axle boxes and bearings for the high speed Rajdhani Locomotive, the Yugoslavian and the Egyptian Railway Wagons are the highlights of the design capabilities at NEI. Today more than 100 types of axle boxes and bearings are being manufactured.

The manufacturing of spherical roller bearings was started in the year 1975 – 76 for fitment to broad gauge and meter gauge passenger coaches with designs, technology, machines and equipment procured from the collaborators.

For fitment to the new BOX-IN Updated Wagons designed by the RDSO. NEI is the only manufacturer in the country to indigenise these bearings to a high percentage in collaboration with the largest manufacturer of these bearings in the world. Production of these bearings commenced in the year 1984. These bearings are grease packed and require no field lubrication for a period of 7 years.