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NEI offers an exciting and progressive workplace for a great career. The organization promotes ingenuity and exploration to solve big challenges. People across all our teams think big and find creative ways to work better and smarter in all that we do.

It is an experience that can be experienced every day. People are at the core of who we are. Apart from the various accolades, what makes us proud is the recognition of the great contributions NEI-ites make to the professional world.

NEI-ites follow a deep value based guiding principle set. Our values – Integrity, Courtesy & Humility, Communication & Openness, Harmony & Cooperation, Fairness, Adjustment & Assimilation, Customer Focus add a dimension to the realistic job preview that informs candidates about the way in which the organization operates and the kind of people that would thrive here

NEI – People Practices

‘Our people are our greatest asset’ is at the heart of our ethos and human resource policies. The HR practices at NEI follow the core philosophy of creating a high performance culture with ample growth opportunities for self-development. The open yet challenging environment help our people realize their potential to excel in every sphere.

Human Resource Practices

A career at NEI is more than a job. NEI is a recognized leader in manufacturing sector and a great place to develop professionally.

Talent is our elementary asset that determines success. Without extraordinary talent, a business can’t create iconic products and deliver great customer service. We look for a candidate who has the right mix of competencies and attitude to remain competitive.. NEI gains a competitive talent advantage through proactive talent acquisition capabilities. We hire fresh talent from premier institutes of India through campus recruitment and experienced professional leaders with right skills set as lateral hires.

Our goal is to create a high-performance and sustainable organization that meets NEI’s strategic and operational goals and objectives. Through talent management, NEI provides a set of strong HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive & engaged employees.

A. On-boarding – NEI has a strong process of acclimatizing new hires to ensure that they feel welcomed and valued by the organization. On boarding goes beyond traditional “orientation�? programs which not only focuses mainly on managing policies, forms, and procedures but it is a stretched 90 days program comprising of Classroom Trainings, live Projects and Shop floor experience.

B. Learning & Development – In our culture, we highly value learning. Innovative and high-quality training programs are delivered to our employees on regular basis. All technical and behavioral training needs are captured followed by an annual training calendar. Each training program is supported with Pre and Post assessments to bring out effectiveness.

C. Leadership development – Various activities like CEO Circle, Chairman Circle, Young Leadership Program etc are run under this vertical linked to individual goal attainment, career planning, and possible succession planning.

Performance Management at NEI is an ongoing, continuous process of communicating and clarifying job responsibilities, priorities, performance expectations, and development planning. Our robust and objective on line Performance Management System optimizes individual performance aligned with organizational strategic goals. Each employee is expected to engage in clear and candid dialogue throughout the year with Performance Planning, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annual performance conversations. These meaningful, ongoing conversations ultimately result in clarity of expectations, alignment across the organization and an appreciation of employee contributions.

NEI ensures that our people are committed to organization’s goals and values, stay motivated to contribute to organizational success, and at the same time are able to enhance their own sense of well-being. Through our Employee Reward & Recognition policy, we try to permeate a sense of belongingness in our people through various methods of acknowledging, honouring, encouraging, and supporting individuals and teams who contribute. Recognizing the accomplishments of employees helps to create a supportive work environment along with high performance culture.

We proudly announce that NEI holds 94% retention rate of our people.


NEI has a strong process of acclimatizing new hires to ensure that they feel welcomed and valued by the organization. Young talent hired from the premier institutes undergo 90 days of Onboarding program covering Classroom lecture, Action Learning Projects and Live shop floor experience.

To create strong bonding, NEI even invites new joinees’ families on the first day extended with an informal meeting with the senior leadership team. The trainees and the parents are formally welcomed by the CEO & leadership team over tea.


Employee Development

Our goal is to create a high-performance and sustainable environment that meets NEI’s strategic and operational goals and objectives. Through developing a strong pipeline of capable leaders, NEI provides an open yet challenging atmosphere to stretch limits and attain growth. Various Leadership Development and Talent Development initiatives are regular features at NEI as follows.

Chairman Circle – This program is designed and focus at identifying and developing the top elite talent into the Leaders for tomorrow across the group. In this program, the employees are identified based on age, qualification, top performance rating and undergo a rigorous selection process comprising – business case study, aptitude test, Behavioural event interview and a final interview with the Chairman.


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