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National Engineering Industries Ltd.
Khatipura Road Jaipur - 302006
Rajasthan, India

Phone Number

Toll Free: 1800 3000 6222
Telephone: +91 141 222 3221
Fax: +91 141 222 1926, 222 2259
CIN: U29130WB1946PLC013643

Jaipur Plant

This plant is located in the heart of Pink City of India, which is also famous for its Tourists spots. Spread over a total area of 4,78,900 m2 and a covered area of 75,310 m2, Jaipur plant has state of the art manufacturing facilities and capable to manufacture all types of Ball and Roller Bearings of NEI product range.

Ball Bearings

This Division is spread over a covered area of 14,694 Sq. Meters. Precision Ball Bearings from 6 mm bore to 75 mm bore diameter are manufactured on state of the art manufacturing facilities with in-process and post-process gauging in grinding and centrally air conditioned assembly lines with auto gauging and testing equipments. The latest advanced techniques for manufacturing and Quality Assurance are implemented to meet the rapid increase in demand for Quality, diversity of specifications and new types of bearings.

Tapered Roller Bearings

This Division is spread over a covered area of 11,652 Sq. Meters. Precision Tapered Roller Bearings are manufactured in Inch and Metric series from 15.875mm bore to 95.25mm bore. These bearings are used by all major Automobile manufacturers in the country as original equipment.

Railway Bearings

This Division is spread over a covered area of 4,855 Sq. Meters.

Roller Bearing in Axle Box

With the production of Roller Bearings and Axle Boxes since 1952, the company has fully met the requirements of the Indian Railways (one of the largest systems of the world) by designing and developing Axle Boxes and bearings for fitment to Locomotives manufactured by Diesel Locomotive Works , Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, various wagon builders, the ICF broad and meter gauge coaches.

Over a million NBC bearings and boxes are in service with the Indian Railways. The development of completely indigenised Axle Boxes and bearings for the high speed Rajdhani Locomotive, the Yugoslavian and Egyptian Railway wagons are the highlights of the design capabilities at NEI. On date more than 100 types of Axle Boxes & Bearings have been manufactured.

Spherical Roller Bearings

The manufacturing of Spherical Roller Bearings was started in the year 1975-76 for fitment to broad gauge and meter gauge passenger coaches with designs, technology, machines and equipment procured from the collaborators.

Large Diameter Bearings

The Large Diameter Bearings Division is spread over a covered area of 2,508 Sq. Meters.

Self-sufficiency in steel is the call of the day, so is the importance of bearings in Steel Mills Equipment. NEI has the distinction of being one of the ten manufacturers of these bearings in the world, who can manufacture large diameter bearings up to 2000 mm diameter. The largest bearing manufactured by NEI for fitment to the Plate Mill of Rourkela Steel Plant was released in September 1985. This 4-Row Tapered Roller Bearing measures 1300mm dia and weigh 4.39 tons.

The large diameter bearings are mainly manufactured out of case carburising steel, heat treated on special equipment and furnaces developed by NEI. Precision grinding is done to close tolerances on CNC Twin Spindle Programmable Berthiez Machine for bearings ranging from 500 to 2000 mm diameter with electronic sizing and numerical display.

Production of these bearings started in 1975 and to date over 100 different types of special large diameter bearings have been manufactured and successfully used, saving considerable foreign exchange for the country.