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Employee Development

Our goal is to create a high-performance and sustainable environment that meets NEI’s strategic and operational goals and objectives. Through developing a strong pipeline of capable leaders, NEI provides an open yet challenging atmosphere to stretch limits and attain growth. Various Leadership Development and Talent Development initiatives are regular features at NEI.

Leadership Development Programs- Right from identifying emerging leaders and up to training future chairman level employees, NIE has programs to which identify the right talent and put them on the fast track for future career progress.

Job Rotation– To develop our people, company promotes Job Rotation. People who have invested a good amount of time at any certain area are moved to another area to make them competent overall. This movement helps in grooming of people with multi skills and also breaks the boredom of repeated working.

Various Capability Building Programs - NEI organizes various capability building program to enhance its internal capability like Six Sigma Training program followed by identified Six Sigma projects of different areas. Such initiatives help company grow on intellectual level and promote employees satisfaction at the same time.