Office address

National Engineering Industries Ltd.
Khatipura Road Jaipur - 302006
Rajasthan, India

Phone Number

Toll Free: 1800 3000 6222
Telephone: +91 141 222 3221
Fax: +91 141 222 1926, 222 2259
CIN: U29130WB1946PLC013643

Employee Engagement to Customer Satisfaction

The Customer comes first…defines all behavior and practices at NEI. We are committed through every minute of the day to continuously improve service quality to customers, sharpening responses and flexibility to achieve the customer’s objectives. Better always can be made the best.

We constantly anticipate customer demand and look for opportunities to provide them with more products at one stop. Customer return is measured mainly on two aspects: Zero Km rejection and Warranty rejection. Consistently, NEI has been at less than 100 ppm and the goal is to achieve 50 ppm in the next 3 years, and single digit ppm (< 10ppm) levels subsequently.

Flexibility of approach and action, a commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation, design and product development has ensured that NEI is one of the most preferred and trusted business partner for its customers.

Numerous awards and appreciation from our clients, as well as recognition from industry bodies reflect our unwavering focus on customer relationship.