Special Products

NBC has produced Axle Boxes for the railways since 1952. The company meets the complete requirements of the Indian Railways (one of the largest in the world) by designing and developing Axle Boxes and bearings for fitment to locomotives manufactured by Diesel Locomotive Works, Chittaranjan Locomotive Works, various other wagon builders, ICF broad and meter gauge coaches. Over a million NBC bearings and boxes are in service with the Indian Railways. The development of completely indigenized Axle Boxes and bearings for the high speed Rajdhani Locomotive, and the Yugoslavian and Egyptian Railway wagons are the highlights of the design capabilities at NBC.

Cylindrical roller bearings are used mainly in Locomotives (Diesel or Electric) for Wagons wheel application. These bearings are used with axle box housing and end fittings.


Axle Boxes with Cylindrical Roller Bearing for Wagons ( 4 Inch Bore to 12.60 inch OD)

Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing (Sealed Unit) (6.0 Inch Bore to 12.60 inch OD)

Cartridge Taper roller bearings with technology from Brenco, USA, have the outstanding property of requiring no field lubrication. They are mainly used in various wagons like BOXN, BCN, BTPN, etc. designed by the Indian Railways. For fitment to these Wagons designed by the RDSO, NBC is the only manufacturer in India to indigenize these bearings under collaboration with BRENCO the largest manufacturer of these bearings in the world. For some special applications, these bearings are also used as Wheel bearings for Locomotives (GM Locomotive).

RANGE: 6-1/2×12 Class `F’,6×11 Class ‘E’ & 5-1/2×10, Class ‘D’ Cartridge Tapered Roller Bearing for Wagons (5.19 Inch Bore to 9.96 Inch OD).

Belt tensioner is located in the front of an internal combustion engine. It provides tension to the belt which drives from the crankshaft, to the cam shaft, alternator, air compressor, power steering pump, and water pump. It must handle high temperatures, high-speed rotation, and belt vibration because of contiguity in the engine used in order to make the direction of a belt change. These bearings are designed against different specification from normal deep groove bearings.

Clutch Release bearings from NBC are designed for engagement and disengagement of clutch in commercial vehicles and tractors. The bearing reduces friction between the pressure plate levers and the release fork it has a front cover made of special heat-treated steel, for wear resistance during clutch engagement. Special assembly and controls are employed for cup caulking and closing with the front cover to prevent the relative rotation of front cover. Fitted with special accessories to prevent external contamination, the bearing is a sealed unit pack with a lubricant.

Mainly single row Tapered Roller Bearings are used as suspension bearings. These bearings are used with suspension tube housing and end fittings. For some special applications, cylindrical roller bearings are also used as suspension bearings (ABB Locomotive).

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Suspension Bearings (8.7 Inch Bore to 17.40 inch OD)
Single Row Tapered Roller Suspension Bearings ( 8.7 Inch Bore to 14.13 Inch OD)