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NBC has a new brand identity

NBC is pleased to present its new logo, a personification of our brand’s repositioning initiative. The new logo is an expression of our expertise and customer-centric approach, built through transformation of human resources and processes.

What our new identity represents
nbc-logoThe new logo is a representation of flexibility expressed through the letters ‘nbc’. The letters are designed to appear flexible, moldable, adjustable, and are complemented by our brand philosophy: ‘flexible solutions’. It stands for the robust systems that have evolved over the years, to ensure our customers’ delight, and their needs.

The color palette of Blue and Yellow has been retained for brand recognition. While the logo reiterates our commitment to partner with customers to help them achieve their goals – today and in the future.

Summing up, our logo symbolizes everything we are striving for, while keeping our values intact and the brand promise of ‘adapting to the dynamic requirements of customers by striving to provide bearings solutions and allied services’.

Why was it needed Today, our commitment and focus is on the changing dynamics of the new markets, and the demands of a new generation. We needed to manifest our capabilities sooner. And the first step towards that is through a change of brand image and logo. Also, now is the right time to showcase our transformation over the years in terms of:

Going global
Building world-class R&D
World-class manufacturing and process technology
Creating a young, energetic and professional team
These changes have helped us grow exponentially over the last decade, but importantly, helped us to increase customer operation efficiency.

Our promise
Our logo announces a set of promises:
Listening to customers, anticipating their needs
Customized product design
Shorter product development Cycle
Meeting dynamic market requirements-delivery
The journey to our new logo has been driven by the vision to make NBC a brand for all seasons, and a company that keeps quality and cost at optimum levels to deliver the right products and services at the right time.